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Omal DD - Doceeraandrijving
Omal DD - Doceeraandrijving
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Omal DD030 - DD480



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Omal Doceeraandrijving DIN3337 - ISO 5211

Technical features
Metering rotation angle: 45° max.
Max. rotation angle: 90°
Torque (see the corresponding actuator tables).
The code numbers after the letters DD, always correspond to the breakaway torque in Nm at 5,6 bar air supply.

Working condition
Temperature: from 0°C to +80°C; from -20°C to +80°C with dry air only.
Air supply: 5,6 bar; maximum 8,4 bar.
Operating media: compressed filtered air, not necessarily lubricated. In case of lubricated air, either non detergent oil or NBR compatible oil, must be used.


Actuator F Vierkant
DA 30 F03-F05 9 mm
DA 60 F04 11 mm
DA 60 F03-F05 11 mm
DA 120 F05-F07 14 mm
DA 240 F05-F07 17 mm
DA 480 F07-F10 22 mm

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Omal Doceeraandrijving (DD)

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