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omal vip evo
omal vip evo
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pneumatic coaxial valve


omal vip evo

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The pneumatic coaxial valve "VIP EVO" is the evolution of the "VIP" valve. "VIP EVO" is an interception valve (between pipe IN-OUT) with built in control system (A-B). It works thanks to the internal movement of a piston supplied with air. At the end of its stroke (VIP EVO valve is an ON/OFF valve), the piston presses on the seat seal, stopping the fluid from flowing, or moves away from the seal, allowing the intercepted fluid to flow. As the seat is perfectly tight and the intercepted fluid pressures discharge on it, the pressure necessary to move the piston is little affected by the fluid pressure. As a result OMAL has been able to design a light space saving and lasting valve. Internal fluid-dynamics has been designed to reduce turbolence and pressure loss.

• Both Double Acting and Spring Return VIP valves (either Normally Open or Normally Closed) are available in sizes ranging from 3/8” to 2”.
• Unidirectional flow. • P MAX 40 bar (580 psi) in indicated direction.
• GAS threaded ends as per EN 10226-1 Rp (Ex ISO 7/1) - DIN 2999 ; NPT.
• Threaded connections for air supply system (NAMUR adapter plate on request).
• Improved fluid dynamics allow minimum pressure losses.
• VIP valves can be used in any mounting position (horizontal, vertical or angled).
• Seat PTFE + GF. • Lips seals and o-ring: - NBR: suitable for air, gaseous fluids, oils, water etc. - FKM: perfectly suitable for most fluid. Unsuitable for steam. - EPDM: perfectly suitable for hot water and steam. Unsuitable for mineral products (oils, grease, etc.).
• Media: liquids and gases of 1&2 group as long as they are compatible with seals and valve materials.
• Possibility to check open / close valve position thanks to inductive limit switches (magnetic contact) available on request. Internal magnet needs to be requested at VIP EVO order phase.
• According to 2014/68/EU “PED”. • 2014/34/EU ATEX configuration available upon request at time of order. • Vacuum tightness: leack rate <5·10-5 mbar·l/s (Value less than 2g of air at room temperature per year)

• Filtered compressed air, not necessarily lubricated; according to UNI EN 15714-3: 2009.
• In case of lubricated air, seal compatible oil must be used.
• Air supply: - Double Acting: min. 3 bar (44 psi); max. 8,5 bar (123 psi). - Spring Return N.C.: min. 4 bar (58 psi); max. 8,5 bar (123 psi). - Spring Return N.O.: min. 4,5 bar (65 psi); max. 8,5 bar (123 psi)

• Pressure: 40 bar (580 psi) max, see diagram.
• Temperature: NBR: from -20°C to +80°C (from -4°F to 176°F); EPDM e FKM: from -20°C to +150°C (from -4°F to 302°F).

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